As a general rule, if we are shooting headshots or portraits, bring clothes you are comfortable wearing and avoid crazy patterns or decorations. We can always try something unique later in the session but it’s better to keep it simple in the beginning.

Make sure that you have something tight and something a little looser.

Ladies: bring along a few pieces that range from the cute/casual (even t-shirt and jeans) all the way to something dressy but simple.

Guys: same thing, something casual starting from t-shirt and jeans, maybe slacks or kakis and a shirt and finally a full suite and tie. Make sure to polish your shoes, tie and socks should match, same for shoes and belt.

Color really doesn’t matter, I have several backgrounds we can use to match it, but generally speaking black always works for ladies, white or cream if your complexion is really light.

Go to sleep earlier than usual the night before the soot and make sure you drink a lot of water for at least one week before shooting: your skin is going to look way better, with less blemishes and lines.

Ladies: if you are doing your own make-up remember that it doesn’t really show in pictures unless you really go heavy handed. Studio lights tend to wash it out a little bit. Keep it simple and light but bring your make-up essentials with you so you can always touch it up.

Wear your hair as you would normally do and bring a brush for touch-ups.

Also make sure to apply fresh nail polish.