The elements are your camera’s worst enemies, no matter how well you protect it

On October 9, 2017 by piambro

Back in 2008 the race shown in the video below (in Spain) ended up costing me quite a bit of $$$ (don’t be fooled, the first part of the video is about Saturday practice, the weather was perfect…). On Sunday I shot all day under the rain with my Canon 1D MKII and I had no problems. All the bodies in the 1D series from Canon are weather sealed, but for good measure I wrapped my rig with some shrink wrap (the one normally used for food, easily found at any grocery store) and I used an umbrella until the weight from the mud shattered it.

It was a miserable day, btw.

Anyway, the next weekend we all went to Portugal for the following round of the Motocross MX1/MX2 Championship and my camera locked up right after warm-up, pretty much at the start of the first race. Luckily I had a backup body so I was able to keep shooting and bring back the images my magazine needed. But the 1Dd MKII (that I still have and sometimes use…) was done.

What happened is that the very thin muddy water got somehow inside the mirror chamber (despite the camera, like I said, was sealed and tropicalized) and some dirt deposited on the small springs that recall the mirror itself. It sat there for a week eating the metal and rusting the springs, which after being put under stress for a full 1 and 1/2 days eventually let go at the worst possible moment. The fix from Canon Service costed me around $1000 🙁

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