The Customer Experience

On October 9, 2017 by piambro

One of the things I believe set me apart from my competition is my customer oriented attitude. I’ve spent years shooting for magazines and websites and I understand how crucial is to meet my clients expectations. But there is also another big part involved, somewhat intangible: it’s not just about the results but also how you get there. This is the customer experience. I always try to put my client at ease and make them relax, so they focus on posing (or following my directions when needed) without stressing too much about the photo studio environment. Yes, because if you’re not used to a dark room full of weird stuff, where you are constantly in the spotlight with all these huge strobes flashing around you, a studio photoshoot can be pretty stressing.

I try to make the customer experience as smooth as possible, from the very moment where they get to my studio until when they are ready to leave. I offer free covered parking, coffee and water, free WiFi, a clean bathroom and a comfortable changing room with a nice beauty station. Of course I also have a mirror on set, so my client can constantly see her/himself and keep all the wardrobe and hair/makeup details in check.

But the most important piece of my setup, I believe, is the Live View feature: I setup a tablet very close to the client and while I’m shooting the images coming from my camera show directly there, streaming live. That way the client and I can both get real time feedback and adjust any detail we feel needs to be addressed. I’ve noticed that even the most “camera shy” client instantly relaxes and deliver the best they have when the Live View feature is going in front of their eyes.

And when everything is said and done and the shoot is over, my clients can sit down and swipe through the pictures right there and then, getting the final feel of with the accomplished together. It makes for a fun, yet professional experience that I literally swear by.

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