Good images are good memories: why quality photography matters

On October 9, 2017 by piambro

I don’t do weddings or engagement photography, but I was thinking about what a good friend of mine recently told me.

We were talking about how good the images from his second wedding turned out (the photographer he hired did a very good job!) and he told me that he learned his lesson the hard way. For his first wedding, he admitted, he and his ex-wife spent so much money on securing the location and offering a memorable catering that little to nothing was left for the photography budget.

Funny thing is that he got married in June, and a few of his friends and colleagues also got married in that same period.

Bottom line: after a few months none of his guests could exactly remember who got married where or what delicacies they offered for lunch, or even the cake itself. It was a blur, and he admitted even his memory is failing him a bit too, everything is a blur now.

What he knows is that he is left with some very poor quality images, the only thing that really matters after all, given that everything else is pretty much gone and forgotten. He didn’t know back then that his marriage wasn’t going to last, but for a few years he lived with the notion that he missed out on the one thing that would eventually last. So when his “second chance” came around a few years later, he carefully balanced his budget to be able to secure a good location, good catering but more than everything a good photographer and even a videographer to document the (again) most important day of his life.

I believe the message is really straight forward here: I’m not blowing my own trumpet because, like I said, I don’t do weddings. But you now have another very good reason to hire a professional and experienced wedding photographer to shoot your wedding. Because 6 months down the road nobody will remember where your wedding was or what the catering was all about. But you will surely have wonderful images to enjoy for the rest of your life. Those are the memories you should never discount!
The same is also true for any other important moment in your life: graduation, baby showers, maternity, family portraiture and all of that good stuff. Don’t get to the point where you spent all your budget to pamper your guests only to be left with poor photography and less than spectacular memories. That’s why you did it in the first place, right? To have something to remember…

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